Mount Li snow

My hometown in Lintong, Lintong a buried emperor, towering old grand, Bi Hua Jinxiu, only in the present with the wind remembrance in "metrical Fu" that overflows with elegant calligraphy.
The Mount Li of Lintong top, childhood often hear people say it is not a natural mountains but emperor Xiu Ling stacked soil sealing, the years gone past the absurdity has become childish love funny, laugh, yet Mount Li's sacred but still no reduction, thousands of meters high mountain wind Yi, the country more than 20 years as a runaway horse like that people back to the Qin and Han dynasties.
Mount Li is not a tomb, but it does protect the world's most ambitious a tomb in Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, so it can also be regarded as a grave, it seems no new future, only the memory of the past, if it is a tomb that it not only belongs to the emperor's tomb, but the Qin Empire grave.
Spring green green covered ridge, Cuise ten, pine, Gu Ying moss on the order, Liehan Fen Qin, Hua Tangwen song, autumn beautiful words, bursts of spring to move.tom ford sunglasses
A summer pond lotus color floating Xiao, bustling remote Le Palace high song is the song of Everlasting Sorrow, take a pure Hua Chishui, whether I can feel the emperor hated pain, love has many deep, fold a cluster of red pomegranate flowers if I can feel the beauty of beauty have much beautiful.
Autumn osmanthus full fall, ten Street smells, red painted walls, splash ink veranda, romance is not what to think is romantic, sunny sky always sunny strong laugh go your sorrow, even in the late autumn, cold cold rain, winter clothes Yong wrapped, Mount Li still has its romantic as you dance.
So the scene but the rain, the sky Piaoyu and at the summit of Mount Li, snow long, romantic and boundless, bright show, the sky bright, I love autumn autumn Mount Li, Mount Li is a song I wrote the poem:
Rock flow fiery twilight sky Jiangshan, Biyuan the slanting sun. An autumn 100 sorrowful QianChuan leaf, disorderly rain snow ice Mount Li.
The prosperous Jing Song winter setting peeling off the old mountains, there is no snow depression such as jade, scenery, mottled memories remains dry and cool, Elegy mountain heavy sleep.
A snowy day, heaven and earth have mang, Bai Li Jie Ying color, beauty such as wide, I stand at the top of the mountain overlooking the Guanzhong Plain, the boundless plain, and the whole world seems to enjoy the endless surge high and sweep forward through the ages.按揭貸款  

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Goodbye, old time

Have you ever felt this way? The air quietly floated a deja vu breath, you will suddenly remembered a scene memory, between trance has been in the past, you seemed to hear a tiny crack gradually broken apart, the hearts of one point one overflow small touched and joy. Memory is undoubtedly the scent, it may be a long book, perhaps not much, if any is a wisp of fragrance, or, is a field after a rainfall earth and fragrant grass, is associated with the at that moment heart full of solid and stable feeling the smell makes you so strong. And only you understand the meaning of its unique.

There is a profound memory of smell from the once popular youth diary, for me it is a synonym for 90 years, it is a meaningful aroma, mixed with wood and paper and ink fragrance, fingertips after they as if forever tainted with its breath, the inside pages often have a retro the pattern and some in the now sentimental sentences, with a youthful special Fu new strong say sorrow sadness, with exquisite small lock password or defensive I still remember the first password diary appearance, however it has been many years ago a heartbreaking mistake in missing, although I still remember the eight whisper it, but can't communicate with it.vitamin c benefits
The atmosphere in my memory again, again, at the same time that related to many of the scene. For example, the distant home, leaving his sister high school a whole cabinet magazine, the most comprehensive of the 90's "girl", when it is small and thin, when I was young I had in the closet consumption to a great deal of time, until see light all the interested magazine, youth, science fiction, the gossip type. The only trouble is it has for a long time to take root in my heart a damn girl feelings, but also bring me the feeling of nostalgia. Once regret not students ten years earlier, spend the youth in the 90's did not have the opportunity, and even the "Miss" qualification has not yet not stop to miss, in my opinion, the time has There is nothing comparable to this simple and pure, when youth is the real youth, as any fun, but less now the noisy and impetuous, clean maintain one's original pure character. I know my imagination beautification of the facts, but also cherish this incomparable imagination and yearns for the good.
For example, each time with friends exchange diary. We had so many little secret, also could not restrain mutually snoop and exchange of desire, but now no longer the mood, no longer have the so-called secret, secret sweet and share actually exists only in the mysterious youth.
For example, pretending to have a flashlight under the covers secretly write diary day, every day is looking forward to, also have muddled and confused.
The smell also reminds me of childhood "100 treasure chest", full of different kinds are still alive Gadgets: a fancy greeting cards, a packet from the sand picking shells, a few blocks as a friend signature rubber banding pictures, a big black butterflies, a variety of small bracelet and ornaments...... I have been the same treasure treasure reluctant to lose, and a poor hand kaleidoscope, made from primary school class material, outside of the drum is a red wedding invitation, it has printed bronzing happiness word, with invitations unique tacky flavor. I even had my cousin married specially to pick up more be riotous with colour paper, together with the stuffed into plastic round box flat. I have sold in stores seen older kaleidoscope, exquisite, pattern and color, but many monotonous.The SEO theory  

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